June 15, 2013

Felt brooch in shape of a peony (tutorial)

The other day I made a new felt brooch. This brooch has the look of a peony and it is very easy sewed. So my mini-tutorial for you.

Materials: soft felt, threads for embroidery, pin, scissors, needle, fabric glue.

Start with rectangle, measuring about 1,6" x 7,9" (4 cm x 20 cm). Fold lengthwise and stitch.

Next snip the fold every 0,16" (4 mm) about 0,12" (3 mm) from your stitch line.

Make a base for a flower: cut out from green felt a circle with a diameter of 1,4" (3,5 cm) and leaves about 0,8" (2 cm) long.

Then step by step paste a pink strip to the basis on a spiral.

Then sew a pin to the base. You can decorate the base with an embroidery if you want.

The brooch is ready! If you make a brooch on this tutorial, please leave the link to the photo of result in comments. It will be very pleasant to me.


Thank you for all your comments and questions

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