February 28, 2013

My first felt doll

I wanted to make a doll from felt. Pattern I did. Doll is very simple, but this process took a lot of time. It was for me very unclear :)

Height of a doll is 12 cm. I presented it to my small niece. I laughed when I visited niece, and she ran out in the same sundress, as at my doll :)


February 6, 2013

Felt decor for flowerpot

Long ago I wanted to make a felt decor for flowerpot. And there was a good occasion: I bought as a gift a dragon tree. And I decided to present it not simply but with decor. It looks more originally and adds the festive moods. I made sun, bird and camomile:

I sewed these figures very quickly. And it were pleasant to the new owner of a dragon tree. So, the surprise was successful.


February 5, 2013

Mobile phone cover

I made a felt mobile phone cover for my husband. I made pattern from old cover and added a velcro. I have a thin felt, so I used two layers. Inside cover is blue, outside – black. I don't want that cover is so gloomy, so I sewed application – small blue phone.


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